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With highly experienced staff biologists dedicated to gene synthesis, GeneCust has become of the largest suppliers for gene synthesis services in Europe. For the past 14 years, GeneCust has synthesized thousands of genes to customers worldwide. Benefiting from our oligo expertise and DNA sequencing knowledge, GeneCust offers gene synthesis at the most affordable prices. So far, we have satisfied and impressed our customers from leading biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries to famous academic institutions.


Custom Gene Synthesis. De novo synthesis of custom DNA sequence with 100% accuracy guaranteed.

Rush Gene Synthesis. Delivers your custom gene in as few as 7 days (bussiness day) to accelerate your research in a rush way.

Gene Fragment Synthesis. Provide synthesized gene sequence in the form of double-strand DNA fragments instead of cloning into vector. More flexible for downstream applications.

Cloning and Mutagenesis. Clone your synthetic sequence into custom vectors or perform site-directed mutagenesis from existing template. Highly flexible to accommodate your specific project requirements.

Gene Variant Libraries. Provide gene variant libraries with particular changes in designed position or combination of changes in different positions. Especially useful for high-throughput screening for applications such as protein engineering.

Plasmid Preparation. Small to large scale high quality plasmid preparation, including endotoxin-free plasmids for transformation, transfection or in vitro transcription.



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Vectors – Choose from over 110 popular vectors for mammalian, bacterial, yeast, or baculovirus/insect expression systems, listed below

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