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GeneCust can synthesize almost any peptide you requested. Whether your peptide is short or long, we can synthesize it for you. For short custom peptides (<50-mer), we can synthesize them using our chemical method. For long custom peptides (>50-mer), we can synthesize them using our proprietary recombinant technology.

Every single custome peptide from GeneCust is analyzed by Mass spectrum and HPLC. The quality control data will be provided to the customer. For most peptides, our typical turnaround time is about 3 weeks. The delivery time may vary depends on the peptide length and difficulty. GeneCust custom peptides synthesis service is competitively priced.

The peptides catalog is available now. The price for catalog peptide is lower than for de novo synthesis. The peptides have 95% purity and are available in single package. If you order more packages you will pay less for your peptide and get higher discount.

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Ready Made Peptides catalog

this is Excel file you can download and use the search string to find peptide of interest



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