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Starting from de novo gene synthesis, cDNA or from almost anywhere a client asks us to begin; our scientists can deliver high quality purified protein in a timely manner.

About protein production 

Recombinant proteins are used throughout the whole spectrum of biomedical research. Once you have large quantity of purified protein, you could conduct many downstream experiments, such as enzyme kinetics, functional and structural studies.

There are two main systems for the expression of recombinant protein - prokaryotic and eukaryotic.

Prokaryotic recombinant protein expression systems (E.Coli) have several advantages, including ease of culture, rapid cell growth and relatively simple purification procedures. However, most post-translational modifications are not added by bacteria, and most proteins become insoluble in inclusion bodies and are very difficult to recover as functional proteins.

Eukaryotic systems for the expression of protein include yeast, baculovirus cells, and mammalian cells. Advantages of these systems include high levels of expression, no inclusion bodies, and intact post-translational modifications.

Upon receiving of sequence information, our scientists would analyze the sequence to determine characteristics like molecular weight, pI, solubility, susceptibility to oxidation and hydrophobicity. Every protein is different, there is no standard way for protein expression and purification, and the protocols and strategies must be worked out for each individual protein and with its intended use in mind. Scientists at GeneCust Europe use their accumulated extensive working knowledge of purifying recombinant protein to best tailor our service to serve your research needs.

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