You will find below a description of the current services provided by GeneCust. If the service you need is not listed below, please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

Adenovirus and Lentivirus Services

Adenovirus and Lentivirus vectors are arguably the most widely used gene deliver systems.
GeneCust has been providing related services to researchers in academic institutes, pharmaceutical and biotech industrials for the past five years.

Currently, GeneCust is providing a complete line of services relating adenovirus and lentivirus vectors :

  • Recombinant adenovirus construction and production
  • Lentivirus production, amplification
  • Amplification/purification of your stock adenovirus/lentivirus
  • Production of shrna adenovirus with or without sequence selection and target validation
  • Plaque purification, RCA assay, titering...

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Gene silencing service and SiRNA Synthesis

services- Insert a validated RNAi sequence into an adenoviral vector. Also available , design and validation of SiRNA.

SiRNA-Ad Service Package is a complete service of RNAi selection, validation, adenoviral construction, amplification and purification (3x10^12 vp) at a reduced price. Feel free to request a quote.

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SiRNA Synthesis

All oligos undergo vigorous process monitoring and stringent quality control; they are produced under ISO9000 quality standard system and HPLC purified so that purity SiRNA > 97%.

Products are quantified by spectrophotometer. Oligonucleotides are delivered with an Oligonucleotide Technical Data Sheet, which includes oligo name, sequence, concentration, orecise quantity in OD and nmols, Tm, MW, size extinction coefficient and putificatiion data.

Chemical synthesis, FAM labelling, positive and negative controls available.

SiRNA Synthesis Flyer / Price list : download

services - RNAi Set.

Chemically synthetic SiRNA became rapid and effective method for gene knockdown. We recently promoted RNAi set service. You provide only gene (target) sequence and we help you to design 4 SiRNA pairs.

We guarantee at least one pair can effectively suppress gene expression. The RNAi Sets Includes :

  • 4 pairs of corresponding gene SiRNA, HPLC purification, 10 nmol
  • Negative control, 1 pair, HPLC purification, 1 OD
  • Negative control, FAM labelled SiRNA, 1 pair, HPLC purification, 1 OD
  • Positive control GAPDH SiRNA, 1 pair, HPLC purification, 1 OD

RNAi Set Flyer / Price list : download

services - Vector based RNAi, Custom cloning.

GeneCust provides a set of vectors includong shRNA expression vectors, as well as corresponding negative control vector, GFP positive control vector.

We may help you to construct plasmid with insertion of targeted shRNA, and will offer accurate sequence control. You only have to tell us the target gene sequence or Gene ID number of insertion vector name, and we will send you the construct. We will provide highly purified shRNA expression vector.

RNAi based vectors Flyer / Price list : download

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Peptide Synthesis Services

GeneCust can synthesize almost any peptide you requested. Whether your peptide is short or long, we can synthesize it for you. For short custom peptides (<50-mer), we can synthesize them using our chemical method. For long custom peptides (>50-mer), we can synthesize them using our proprietary recombinant technology.

Every single custome peptide from GeneCust is analyzed by Mass spectrum and HPLC. The quality control data will be provided to the customer. For most peptides, our typical turnaround time is about 3 weeks. The delivery time may vary depends on the peptide length and difficulty. GeneCust custom peptides synthesis service is competitively priced.

The peptides catalog is available now. The price for catalog peptide is lower than for de novo synthesis. The peptides have 95% purity and are available in single package. If you order more packages you will pay less for your peptide and get higher discount.

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Custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies

GeneCust provides a time-tested, high-quality service standard. Comprehensive service package includes antigen design, peptide synthesis, polyclonal antibody and monoclonal antibody production. Rat monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies for the study of gene expression and proteomics in mice and in mouse models or human diseases are available.

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Gene Synthesis Service

- Custom Gene Synthesis. De novo synthesis of custom DNA sequence with 100% accuracy guaranteed.

- (NEW) Rush Gene Synthesis. Delivers your custom gene in as few as 7 days (bussiness day) to accelerate your research in a rush way.

- (NEW) Economy Gene Synthesis. Incorporate new technology to provide high-throughput, low-cost gene synthesis. Especially for large-scale gene funtion research.

- (NEW) Gene Fragment Synthesis. Provide synthesized gene sequence in the form of double-strand DNA fragments instead of cloning into vector. More flexible for downstream applications.

- Cloning and Mutagenesis. Clone your synthetic sequence into custom vectors or perform site-directed mutagenesis from existing template. Highly flexible to accommodate your specific project requirements.

- Gene Variant Libraries. Provide gene variant libraries with particular changes in designed position or combination of changes in different positions. Especially useful for high-throughput screening for applications such as protein engineering.

- Plasmid Preparation. Small to large scale high quality plasmid preparation, including endotoxin-free plasmids for transformation, transfection or in vitro transcription.

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Protein Expression and Purification service

We are pleased to launch the new protein expression and purification service.

From Gene to Protein

Starting from de novo gene synthesis, cDNA or from almost anywhere a client asks us to begin; our scientists can deliver high quality purified protein in a timely manner.

About Protein Purification

Recombinant proteins are used throughout the whole spectrum of biomedical research. Once you have large quantity of purified protein, you could conduct many downstream experiments, such as enzyme kinetics, functional and structural studies.

There are two main systems for the expression of recombinant protein - prokaryotic and eukaryotic.

Prokaryotic recombinant protein expression systems (E.Coli) have several advantages, including ease of culture, rapid cell growth and relatively simple purification procedures. However, most post-translational modifications are not added by bacteria, and most proteins become insoluble in inclusion bodies and are very difficult to recover as functional proteins.

Eukaryotic systems for the expression of protein include yeast, baculovirus cells, and mammalian cells. Advantages of these systems include high levels of expression, no inclusion bodies, and intact post-translational modifications.

Upon receiving of sequence information, our scientists would analyze the sequence to determine characteristics like molecular weight, pI, solubility, susceptibility to oxidation and hydrophobicity. Every protein is different, there is no standard way for protein expression and purification, and the protocols and strategies must be worked out for each individual protein and with its intended use in mind. Scientists at GeneCust Europe use their accumulated extensive working knowledge of purifying recombinant protein to best tailor our service to serve your research needs.

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Catalog Proteins

At GeneCust, we offer a wide variety of recombinant proteins to provide researchers a direct path to scientific innovation and success. We ensure a high quality product, guaranteed by our strict QC, in various amounts with a purity range  of 95-98%.

Data sheet is available for each recombinant protein.

Looking for a particular protein but don't see it in our catalogue? Need a bulk quote? E-mail us at and our technical support team will make a quote for a custom lot or special bulk pricing. Our large manufacturing facilities enable us to produce large scales (from milligrams to grams).

Catalog : download

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Cloning and subcloning Service

This fully customizable service can be used either for cloning genes, cDNA, PCR products or for subcloning any plasmid insertion into any vector. You provide us with accession number or any product and we will do the rest.

You will received the purified plasmid and the results of the restriction enzyme analysis for your plasmid.

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Mutagenesis Service

We will carry out site directed mutagenesis on your DNA sequence to make specified base changes. Our technology ensures very high mutation rates.

The service include design, synthesis of mutagenic oligonucleotides, mutagenesis, transformation, plasmid DNA isolation and double strand corrected sequencing.

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Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Our high quality is not only guaranteed by computer-assisted trityl monitoring during synthesis, but also by a quality control that assesses every single Oligo. All Oligos are analyzed by gel electrophoresis before shipment.

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Laboratory Instruments, Service Support and Consumables for ABI DNA analyzers

We offer a complete range of re-furbished instruments for DNA and Protein Analysis. Our instruments are re-furbished and come with a warranty, unless otherwise started


  • PCR (thermocycler)
  • Real Time PCR
  • DNA Sequencers

Protein & Peptide

  • Peptide Synthesizers

We provide service support for many of the instrument systems we sell. This includes systems which are no longer supported by the original manufacturer.

We can support you with :

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • System re-furbishment
  • Comprehensive Annual Repair Contracts
  • Service Call Outs with hourly rates

For details, of pricing or to discuss your requirements further please contact us directly.

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We provide now consumables for ABI DNA Analyzers : polymers, BigDye kits, capillaries.

ABI Consumables : download

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Chemicals for DNA and Peptide Synthesis

DNA Synthesis Products : Chemgenes

This USA company is known worldwide in molecular biology and offers special products for DNA synthesis. Its catalog contains several hundred references. GeneCust is the European retailer for the Chemgenes product range.

Price list : download PDF file or XLS file

Peptide Synthesis Products : check our products range

  • N-Protecting Reagents
  • Peptide Coupling Reagents
  • Linkers for Solid Phase Synthesis
  • Other Reagents
  • Amino Acids and Derivatives
  • Unusual Amino Acids
  • N-Methyl Amino Acids
  • Boc-Amino Acids and Derivatives
  • Fmoc-Amino Acids and Derivatives
  • Z-Amino Acids and Derivatives
  • Amino Alcohols
  • Fmoc-Amino Acids attached to Wang Resin
  • Amino Acids 2-Chlorotrityl Resin
  • Other Resin and Derivatives

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