GeneCust is pleased to offer the most comprehensive range of custom services available for researchers in Life Science.

Using our expertise in molecular biology, synthetic biology and virology, GeneCust can support your research and development efforts and save time and ressources

  • Recombinant Adenovirus
  • Gene Silencing, SiRNA synthesis
  • Peptide Synthesis
  • Custom Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Gene Synthesis
  • Cloning and Subcloning
  • Protein Expression and Purification service
  • Catalog Proteins / Premade recombinant proteins
  • Mutagenesis
  • Oligonucleotide Synthesis and RNA
  • Laboratory Instruments and Service Support
  • Chemicals for DNA and Peptide Synthesis
  • Consumables for ABI DNA analyzers
GeneCust Team

>  News

  • New gene synthesis related services.

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  • Catalog Recombinant Proteins.

    We are proud to present our extensive recombinant protein library. Premades proteins are 95-98% pure and available in different quantities. With our expertise and support, you have a knowledgeable committed partner to help advance your research

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  • Peptides catalog.

    The peptides catalog is available now. The price for catalog peptide is lower than for de novo synthesis. The peptides have 95% purity and are available in single package.

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  • Multiblock Thermocycler.

    Multiblock Thermocycler is the revolutionized thermal cycler with multifonction.

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  • H-6 LNA, DNA/RNA Synthesizer.

    6-Columns LNA, DNA/RNA synthesizer
    9 amidite positions
    Cycle time : 2.5-3.5 minutes for 8-column synthesis

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>  Reconditioned lab instruments

GeneCust can provide used/reconditioned/rebuild biotech ABI lab instruments.

DNA sequencers, DNA synthetizers, PCR, real time PCR, peptide synthetizers at 30-50% of new price and available for immediate delivery.

Suscribe Full Service Support for DNA sequencers, DNA synthetizers, real time PCR and save money !

Price list

>  Gene Synthesis service :

Low cost service available. Please ask for your quote.

>  Recombinant Adenovirus service :

Get your recombinant adenovirus, amplified and purified in only 5 weeks !

>  Peptide Synthesis :

Every single custom peptide from GeneCust is analyzed by Mass spectrum and HPLC.

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